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It started with fajitas….

David R. Smith, a pastor and national speaker, had taken his friend and web designer Mark to the local Mexican restaurant. The two of them were enjoying the free chips and salsa as they discussed the importance of clearly communicating the Gospel in today’s world. They acknowledging the inherent difficulty in teaching eternal truth; after all, big questions get raised as soon as “God” is mentioned.


How can I know God exists? How did we get here? Can the Bible be trusted? What does it mean to have faith? Is sin real? What is baptism?


They began reflecting on the times they’d been effective in helping someone answer these kinds of questions. They realized that in every single instance, they always started their answer with, “It’s like this….”


Then, they would go on to tell a story. Or they would share a statistic. Or they might talk about a historical event. In some cases, they had even referenced a scene from a movie or a line from a song.


David wiped the queso off his hands, broke out his Bible, and realized they weren’t the only ones to teach this way; Jesus seemed to do the exact same thing! (See Matthew 13:44, Matthew 13:47, and Luke 13:18.)


It was then – somewhere during the third basket of chips and salsa – that they knew what they had to do. They would put all their best ideas for sharing the Gospel and teaching God’s Word in one place. was born!


If you’re like David and Mark, you understand the power of a captivating story, a compelling image, or a “get-off-your-butt-and-do-something-about-it” stat. offers you all this and much more! The illustrations found on the site are perfect for helping ministry leaders, pastors, teachers, and even parents, explain the Christian faith in concise, biblical, and relevant ways.


And to make finding the perfect resource easy, allows you to search by keyword or by category. More importantly, every single illustration on has been authenticated and referenced (by book, magazine article, webpage, etc.). That way, you can have confidence when you stand to speak.


Now, the only thing left to do is stand and speak.