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Getting Hit is Inevitable

When I played football as a kid, my main position was offensive line…because I had the spiritual gift of taking up space. But, every once in a while, Coach let…

George Mueller on Prayer

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance. It is laying hold of His willingness.”

Dr. John Lennox on Science

“Science and God mix very well. It is science and atheism that do not mix.”

Dead Missionaries

Some missionaries bound for Africa were laughed at by the captain of the ship. “You’ll only die over there,” he scoffed. But one of the missionaries thoughtfully replied, “Captain, we…

Michael Bloomberg’s Entrance Into Heaven

Far and away, most people believe that their admittance into Heaven is based on their good deeds, or their avoidance of particular sins, or a combination of the two. New…

Mark Driscoll on Sin

“Don’t kid yourself – sin is an on-ramp to death.”