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We're #1 in ArrestsMillions of Americans have been eagerly awaiting this weekend for more than 8 months. They are college football fans…and the smack talk has already begun. Everywhere you turn, you hear “We’re #1!”


But, number one in what, exactly?


Unless you’re a fan of the Ohio State “nuts” – and may God help you if you are – you’ve been waiting for this weekend all year. It’s the day of redemption we’ve longed for as our favorite teams take the field in pursuit of the victory that eluded us last year. Chants and war cries ascend to the heavens declaring our team’s dominance (in spite of win/loss records). Everybody wants to be #1…unless it’s on the list that journalist Mike Rosenberg just compiled.


Rosenberg discovered that there have been 900 college football players arrested in the past 5 years. That’s a lot of handcuffs – a pair every other day, in fact! Here’s a quick look at the Top 10…along with a few of his personal remarks:


  1. Washington State 31

This is what happens when you’re a team that gets no attention and you’re located in the middle of nowhere. Is Washington State a football team or a criminal syndicate?


  1. Florida 24

Interestingly, if you combine Florida and Ohio State’s arrests, Urban Meyer would be number one on this list.


  1. Georgia 22

Totally where I would expect to see Georgia, the Bulldogs can’t even get the most arrests in the SEC, they Georgia’d it.


  1. Texas A&M 22

Fun fact, the only place that carries the Longhorn Network in College Station? Jail.


  1. Oklahoma 21

Gotta give it to Bob Stoops, he finished behind three SEC teams even on this list.


  1. Iowa State 20

Don’t judge. If you lived in Ames, Iowa you’d get arrested too. Jail is actually the most fun attraction within 100 miles.


  1. Missouri 20

Lots of people questioned whether Mizzou belonged in the SEC. Leave aside the back-to-back SEC east titles, this arrest record is prima facie evidence that they’re in the right conference.


  1. Ole Miss 20

Hugh Freeze is going to take these boys straight to church. (Where they will then abscond with the offering plates).


  1. West Virginia 20

I’m convinced Morgantown, West Virginia is like Deadwood. Every morning they feed the dead bodies to the hogs.


  1. Florida State 19

Imagine what FSU’s arrest rate would be if Tallahassee police actually arrested football players.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry….


I’m a HUGE college football fan, and have been since I was a kid. I’ve gone to game after game and longed to be in those guys’ cleats. But as a father and pastor, I’ve become leery of propping up less-than-adequate role models in front of our kids. (By the way, if you want to stay up to date on your team – or your rival’s team – you can always check out


Enjoy the college football season. But seize the opportunities that present themselves to forge godly character in the lives of young people you love.



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