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It’s no secret that images gracing the covers of the most popular magazines in the country are enhanced (or “Photoshopped”) to make the particular model look even more appealing.

(Hey, companies can’t have “slightly flawed” people representing their perfect products!)

The best touch-up artists in the biz are able to make their alterations without leaving behind any evidence of tampering. But every once in a while, a graphic artist responsible for enhancing an image overlooks something in a photo he/she has altered. When that happens, everyone gets a reminder that “seeing is not necessarily believing.”

Here are a few pictures from magazines/advertisers that went all the way to print/website before anyone caught the “obvious” mistakes.

Caution: Some of these pictures are a bit racy; consider yourself warned.

If I’m translating the Russian correctly, it says, “Where the heck is my leg?”
Vogue Russia, September, 2010

Poor Lindsay….has anybody seen her belly button?
German GQ, August, 2010


At some point during this beach-themed photo shoot, a shark swam by and munched on this model’s leg.
Stuff Magazine

Body snatchers? At the very least…body borrowers.
The Twilight Sage: New Moon movie ad

Poor Demi. Was she in some sort of accident? Her left hip is missing!
W, December 2009


 Perhaps Harry Potter’s co-star, Emma Watson, allowed the magician to practice a “disappearing spell” on her leg. (Either that, or the leg-eating shark from above is back!)
Burberry Spring, 2010

In trying to make these models look sexier, the graphic artists behind these advertisements have only made themselves look stupid.

It’s sad because these misleading examples (and others) will only stop when sex stops selling.

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