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It was a simple plan:


  1. Run into the bar
  2. Wave the gun around.
  3. Grab the cash.
  4. Get out!


Unfortunately for Joseph McInnis III and Tyree McCoy, their plan unraveled at Step 1.


On August 29, 2017, the two young men set out to rob a bar near their home in Baltimore, Maryland. Rushing into Monaghan’s Pub just off Woodlawn Drive, the two criminals shoved a gun in the face of an employee, grabbed some cash, and hit the door!


But local police apprehended the two crooks immediately.


How did the cops pull off such a quick arrest? Simple. About two dozen of them were in the same pub celebrating the retirement of one of their fellow officers when the crooks barged in! The off-duty cops took the men into custody.


And then across the street.


To their police station.


Yep, the two robbers chose the worst bar in all of Baltimore to rob. They were charged with armed robbery, possession of a handgun…and immense stupidity.



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Bad Decision


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