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The next time you’re in New York City, pay close attention to the sidewalks; due to the art of Joshua Allen Harris, they tend to come alive with moving representations of nature, science fiction, and mythology. 


But what makes these artistic masterpieces truly unique is the “materials” he uses to build them. 


These days, residents and visitors of New York City can catch glimpses of “living” art provided by the gifted mind of Joshua Harris…if they look at just the right moment, that is!


In an ingenious fusion of everyday materials harvested from the streets and the momentary wind created by the subway systems in his hometown, Harris is able to bring the sidewalks of New York to life. On his website (linked below), you can see some of his various creations. He’s erected giraffes, bears, robots, and even the Loch Ness Monster, just to name a few.


But the really interesting aspect to Harris’ art is that he uses the trash he finds around the streets of New York to construct his masterpieces. That’s right, trash. He literally uses the “leftovers,” the “mess-ups,” and the “tossed-asides” to turn heads.  


And his trash-turned-art definitely turns heads!


What an awesome reminder that God is also willing – and able – to use the “leftovers,” “mess-ups,” and “tossed-asides” we’ve become. For instance, who can forget how marvelously God used Moses, an elderly refugee on the run, hiding out on the wrong side of the desert. Or how He transformed a corrupt tax collector named Matthew into an effective vessel for sharing the Gospel of His Son, Jesus? And for that matter, how Jesus totally redeemed the life of Mary Magdalene, giving her a mighty testimony of His life-changing power?   


A lot of people – many of whom sit in churches every Sunday – wrongly believe they are too sinful to be redeemed by God. That’s just not true. No matter how trashy our lives have become, if we let Him, God will build us into His masterpiece.



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God’s Love
God’s Plan
God’s Power


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