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Liam picked up Jake and the two buddies headed to the local buffet to grab some lunch. As they began walking toward the restaurant, Liam realized he’d made that error that so many others before him had made: he’d locked his keys in the car. 


Jake wasn’t worried. “Let’s just get a coat hanger and unlock the door.”


Liam shot down that suggestion. “No man, we can’t. People will think we’re trying to steal the car.”


“Fine,” said Jake. “We can use a pocket knife to cut around the rubber seal, stick a finger through, and then unlock the door.”


“Naw, we can’t do that either,” replied Liam. “People will think we’re too dumb to use a coat hanger.”


“Well, we gotta think of something,” exclaimed Jake. “It’s gonna rain any minute and the sun roof is open!”



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(Resource cataloged by David R Smith)