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On January 14, 2004, three friends got the wild idea to go streaking…through a restaurant. Seeing a Denny’s, they pulled into the parking lot, stripped down to nothing but their shoes and hats, and ran into the establishment wanting to give the patrons a surprise.

But it would be the three pranksters who got the “butt end” of the joke.

It was a bitterly cold 20 degrees that fateful night in Spokane, Washington, when the three guys pulled into the parking lot. Wanting a toasty warm car waiting for them – and a quick getaway, no doubt – the driver decided to leave his blue, 1988 Mazda running in the parking lot.

That would prove to be a very big mistake.

While the jokesters were running through the restaurant, one of the customers left his table, raced outside, and stole their getaway car…with the pranksters’ clothes still inside.

Let’s all take just a moment and ponder the expressions on their faces as they watched their car’s taillights disappear.

The streakers gave chase, but were unable to catch the thief. They were forced to huddle together – naked – in the 20-degree weather until the police arrived. The pranksters were spared any arrests or fines because the cops didn’t witness the incident and no one inside the Denny’s issued a formal complaint.   

Maybe people in Spokane are just used to streakers interrupting their meals???

The car thief was never brought to justice, but the stolen car was found several days later, abandoned in a parking lot near the Denny’s. Adding injury to insult, the car’s door locks were broken off, and the ignition and radio were ripped out. Police suspect someone besides the original car thief did the damage to the car because the original thief, already in possession of the keys, would have no need to break the locks.  

The moral of this convoluted story?

When you go streaking, always leave someone in the car!

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