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So your teenager seems glued to the screen of his or her laptop? Do you wonder if your adolescent might have an addiction to the Internet? If so, there’s a simple test that reveals whether or not they have an unhealthy dependence on the World Wide Web:


They poison your milkshake so they can get more screen time.


Yep, that’s exactly what happened to two unnamed parents in Rocklin, CA in December of 2012. Their teenage daughter was unhappy with the rules surrounding Internet access, so she and a friend decided to buy her parents a couple of milkshakes and slip some prescription sleeping drugs into them.


“Here, mom. Drink this!”


The unsuspecting parents only downed about a quarter of their shakes before they noticed a funny taste as well as some grittiness, but that was enough to knock the parents out within the hour.


“Facebook, here we come!”


The parents awoke around 1:00am with “hangover-like” symptoms including grogginess and headaches. Later that morning, the parents went to the local police station and bought a couple of $5 drug testing kits to use on themselves. Sure enough, mom and dad both tested positive so police officers placed the teenage daughter and her co-conspirator under arrest.


It’s a sad world we live in when a teenager will poison her parents just so she can get more time on the Internet.



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