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Throughout history, discrimination has struck many different groups; people from the “wrong” race, religion, age bracket, and gender have felt its sting. Of course, unattractive people and overweight people have also been shunned from time to time.


But now, it’s skinny people that are being discriminated against…by gyms!


In the summer of 2012, Louise Green, the founder and CEO of the all-female Body Exchange Gym in Vancouver, made the decision to ban skinny people from her fitness center. Her hotly contested move was intended to create a “safe haven” for her overweight clients.


“Many of our clients have not had successful fitness pasts so I can see the anxiety before we get started and I can see the relief and happiness after we finish,” said Green. “People are often too fearful to become active. There wasn’t a model that offered camaraderie.” In Green’s opinion, skinny people “bring down morale.”


But skinny people aren’t just being ostracized in Canada; similar bans exist at Buddha Body Yoga in New York and Downsize Fitness in their Las Vegas, Chicago, and Dallas branches.


OK, I have to ask: What’s the real reason for banning skinny people from gyms? Do skinny people not buy enough Snickers Bars from the gym’s vending machines? Are the gym owners afraid that skinny people’s workout habits will rub off on the fat people?  


This decision seems to be nothing more than the most recent example of coddling people who refuse to take responsibility for their lack of self-discipline and responsibility. After all, it’s not the skinny people’s fault that others are fat!


Regardless, these gyms are the only companies in the world that expel their clients who are successful….



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