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John, an avid outdoorsman and hunter, eventually got the opportunity of a lifetime: a big game hunting safari in Africa. His wife had just one simple request. She wanted to go along…and take her mother.


It’d be a trip John would not soon forget.


A few mornings into the trip, while deep in the bush, John’s wife woke to find her mother was missing from camp. She roused John and told him the frightful news. The lifelong hunter quickly grabbed his high-powered rifle and set off in search of his mother-in-law while his wife tagged along.


Not long into their search, they came upon a clearing, and saw a chilling sight. John’s mother-in-law was backed against a big rock with a huge lion standing in front of her, snarling with an aggressive posture.


John’s wife whispered frantically, “What are you going to do?”


“Nothing,” said John, quite matter-of-factly.


“How can you do nothing?” said his incredulous wife.


“Look, the lion got himself into this mess…let him get himself out of it.”



Topics Illustrated Include:
Bad Decisions
Taking Action


(Resource cataloged by David R Smith)