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A weary woman walked through her front door finally returning from a business trip that had taken her all the way to Europe. She was greeted in the foyer by her husband. Unfortunately, he had bad news for her.

“Honey, while you were gone, your cat died,” he said as tenderly as he could.

The woman, while understandably grieved, was also upset by how her husband had handled the situation…and she let him know it!

“Why did you tell me like that,” she grilled him through her tears.

The husband was clueless. She could tell, so she told him how she wished he would have done it. 

“When I called you from the airport in London last night, you should have told me that Mittens was up on the roof. Then, when I landed in New York, you should have said you couldn’t get him down and you were beginning to get concerned. Then, when I finally made it back to Chicago, you should have said you were sorry and that Mittens had died. That would have been a lot more bearable. It would have given me time to process it and deal with the blow softly. Do you understand?” 

The corrected husband nodded his head.

“By the way, honey,” asked the sobbing woman with her head buried in her husband’s chest, “How’s mother doing?”

“Ummm…she’s up on the roof…and I can’t get her down,” replied her husband.

Topics Illustrated Include:
Bad News

(Resource cataloged by David R Smith)