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OK, we’ve all misplaced things. Who hasn’t lost their keys? Or their wallet? Or their car in a parking garage? Truth be told…some of us have lost our kids, occasionally.

But can you imagine losing the governmental document that proclaims your independence? Well, that’s what the nation of Fiji did.

The head of government archives, Salesia Ikaniwai, recently told reporters that her island nation has been searching for its Order of Independence…since 2005!

Yep, that simple little piece of paper…that just so happens to declare your nation’s independence…has inexplicably gone missing. Was it incorrectly filed somewhere? Was it accidentally shredded? Did the second shooter on the grassy knoll hide it in Area 51?

Nobody knows. After years of searching storage shelves and government departments, the document remains M.I.A, that’s “missing in absurdity.”

(My advice? Hunt down actor Nicolas Cage; he stole America’s Declaration of Independence in National Treasure. Maybe he’s stolen Fiji’s, too!)

When the nation of Fiji gained its independence in 1970, Prince Charles handed over the document, officially releasing Fijians from British rule. At long last, members of Fiji’s government have contacted the British authorities in the hopes of getting a photocopy.

Yeah, that photocopy will look great hanging over the fireplace….


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