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Jeremy and Melissa, a married couple who operated a traveling circus, visited an adoption agency with the hopes of increasing the size of their small family. Of course, the social workers had plenty of doubts and worries about the couple’s suitability for adoption.


But in good faith, Jeremy offered pictures of their 50-foot-long, state-of-the-art motor home which was fully equipped with a beautiful nursery in the back. With a few of their fears put to rest, the agency employees then asked about the sort of education the child would receive.


Melissa quickly spoke up and said, “We’ve hired a full time tutor who’ll travel with us and teach the child every important subject, along with foreign languages and computer skills.”


The social workers relaxed a little bit more. The couple had clearly thought about the process of adoption, but there were still a few pressing questions. “What about the child’s health and wellness? What plans would be in place to care for the child’s physical well-being?”


Once again, Melissa spoke up and said, “We have a board-certified physician that travels with us year round. He’s an expert in pediatrics and nutrition.” This assured the adoption agency that the child would have access to great medical care.


With most of their concerns alleviated, the agency representatives looked at Jeremy and Melissa and said, “Well, you’ve answered all of our concerns in a satisfactory manner. We have just one more question: What age child are you hoping to adopt””


Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and said, “It doesn’t really matter…just as long as he can fit into the cannon.”



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(Resource cataloged by David R Smith)