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Have you ever failed at something and then had to live with the consequences? Jerry Lynn has. He suffered a comical misstep with a simple home repair and he now gets a daily reminder of his failures.


It comes at exactly 6:50pm each evening.


Way back in 2004, Mr. Lynn wanted to run a cable through a wall to connect a TV in the living room. No knowing exactly where to drill the hole, he hatched an “alarming” plan: he’d tie an alarm clock to a string, set it to go off in 10 minutes, and then lower it down into the wall through a second floor air vent so he’d know where to drill the hole when the alarm sounded.


What he didn’t account for was the string breaking, allowing the alarm clock to drop into the wall permanently. Granted, it still served its purpose; Mr. Lynn was able to drill the hole in the right location to connect his TV. However, he and his family now have trouble hearing their TV for about one minute every night when the alarm goes off at precisely 6:50pm.


Yes, at the exact same time every evening, the alarm sounds within the wall and it can be heard all across the entire downstairs portion of the home. The family had hoped the batteries would have died in a couple month’s time, but they’ve had no such luck; the alarm has gone off dutifully each night for well over a decade!


The homeowners have no plans to remedy the problem. In fact, it’s now become the family joke and a great conversation starter when friends visit. They just hope the alarm clock’s batteries die before they need to sell the home.


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