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churchcubsFrom time to time, Christians find themselves looking for a new church home. Perhaps their old church was dying or maybe they just moved to another city; either way, they have to go “church shopping”.


But there are certain risks that come with visiting new churches….


No two churches are the same; neither are all churches created equally. Some are just plain awful! To help make sure you steer clear of the dysfunctional ones out there, consult the following list. If any of these are true about the church you’re checking out, leave immediately!


1.  The church has a Senior Pastor, an Associate Pastor, and a Socio-pastor.

2.  Worship services are always B.Y.O.S. (“Bring Your Own Snake.”)

3.  Ushers ask, “Smoking or non?”

4.  The church bus has gun racks. (NOTE: This is actually OK in Alabama.)

5.  Three words: Karaoke Worship Time.



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(Resource cataloged by David R Smith)