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Babies in a BoxEach year, millions of babies are abandoned by their parents for a variety of reasons: physical deformities, mental handicaps, or the mother’s inability to care for them. In South Korea, one man is making sure no more children die this way.


His strategy hinges on the love of Jesus…and a box.


In America, we’re familiar with the image of storks delivering babies wrapped up in blankets. But in South Korea, Christian leaders know how they really come: in a box.


The Baby Box is a simple “compartment” built into the side of Pastor Lee Jong-rak’s home with a sign that reads, “Place to leave babies.” With hundreds of unwanted babies being abandoned on the streets of South Korea every year, Pastor Jong-rak knew he had to do something, but he never thought his simple idea would actually do any good. He doubted mothers would actually use what has become known as the Baby Box, but he was mistaken…in a big way.


Some weeks, up to five babies are deposited into the Baby Box!


When a mother leaves her baby in the Baby Box, a bell rings inside the home. Pastor Jong-rak, his wife, or one of the staff members then race outside to retrieve the baby from the box that’s lined with a thick blanket, a heating element, and a light source to keep the child secure. They sometimes find a heartbreaking note attached to the baby that gives voice to the mother’s guilt and shame over the decision to abandon her child.


The popularity and success of the Baby Box has grown to such a degree that Brian Ivie, a filmmaker from the US, traveled to South Korea to document the ministry. What he witnessed and chronicled was nothing less than the care and compassion Jesus commanded His disciples show a hurting and broken world. In fact, Ivie was so impacted by Pastor Jong-rak’s ministry that he actually gave his life to Christ while shooting the film!


When men and women like Pastor Jong-rak decide to serve the “least of these,” as Jesus commanded, live are going to be changed and saved.


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