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A Place for Messed Up PeopleIf you had to describe your church, how would you go about it? What words would you use? Even better, how would your community describe your church? What would they say about you?


Authentic, or obligatory? Loving, or lacking? Transformative, or stagnant?


For the record, church is supposed to be a group of people intent on changing the world. Several decades ago, Lewis Meyer met a group of people that completely changed his life. This is what he had to say about them:

It is the only place I know where status means nothing. Nobody fools anybody else. Everyone is here because he or she made a slobbering mess of his or her life and is trying to put the pieces back together again. First things are first here…. For one small hour the high and the mighty descend and the lowly rise. The leveling that results is what people mean when they use the word brotherhood.


I wish he were describing his church. Instead, he was talking about Alcoholics Anonymous.


Meyer, a man who almost completely destroyed his life with alcohol, found peace, fellowship, and God at AA meetings. Do people who come to your church find the same?


Is your church a place where messed up people find God?



Resource’s Origin:
Off the Sauce by Lewis Meyer. Macmillan, 1976, Pages 101-102.



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