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<a href="http://www.itslikethis tarif viagra”>A Cop With The Christmas Spirit“Do you know why I pulled you over?” Most of the time, we do. And most of the time, it’s going to get us a ticket from the cop standing at our car window. At the very least, a stern warning not to do it again.


Unless it’s a very particular cop from Plano, TX.  


Just one week before Christmas in 2012, 25-year-old Hayden Carlo was pulled over by the cops for an expired registration on his car’s license plate. During the conversation with the law enforcement officer, an exasperated Carlo explained that his family was struggling financially, and he was forced to choose between renewing his registration and feeding his kids.


For the young father, it was a no-brainer…even though it looked like he was going to pay a fine for his decision.


The police officer took the pertinent information from Carlo and walked back to his cruiser. After a few moments, the cop returned to Carlo’s car with paperwork in hand. He then gave the young driver a citation for an expired registration…but when Carlo opened it up, he also found a crisp $100 bill folded neatly inside.


Hayden “broke down” in his car. “What else can you do?” he confessed to reporters when sharing the story of the police officer’s compassion. The cop’s generous gift was enough for Carlo to update his car’s registration…and his wife’s, as well!


The police officer has not been identified, but a department spokesperson said the middle-aged cop has a family of his own…and a reputation of doing good deeds like this one.


This awesome story that happened at Christmastime shines a light on why Jesus came in the first place. In Hayden Carlo’s case, he’d broken the law. Even though it was for an understandable reason, the law had been broken and he couldn’t deny it. The officer was forced to pass judgment, but because of his compassion for the young man, he took the penalty of the transgression upon Himself.


That’s exactly what Jesus did. The law of God has been broken by each of us (which is what the Bible calls sin). But Jesus took the punishment of our disobedience on Himself because of His tremendous love for us.


Yep. The LAWGIVER became the FORGIVER.


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