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A Better MugshotLet’s say you’ve just escaped jail and you’re on the run from the law when you see your picture posted online. What would you do?


No matter how you answer that question, it’s different from what this Australian teen did.


When 18-year-old Amy Sharp left Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex in Sydney, Australia on August 19, 2016, she was in a hurry. That’s because Ms. Sharp was breaking out of jail. She’d been arrested and booked, but seized upon an opportunity to “parole” herself a bit early.


Fortunately for the cops, they had a photo of the young woman to release to the public…the mugshot they’d just snapped of her wearing a big red blanket and an unflattering expression. A local news agency posted the photo on their Facebook page hoping to help law enforcement officers re-apprehend the young criminal.


Unsurprisingly, Sharp came across the photo while she was on the lam. But what she did next was very surprising. The young woman left a comment on the online post that read, “Can you use this photo, please and thank you. Yours Truly, Amy Sharp xx.” In addition to an attached photo – one in which the teenage fugitive was seen smiling – she left an angel emoji.


The snarky comment earned her more than 60,000 likes…but it wasn’t enough to keep her out of jail. Sharp was taken back into custody just over a week later on August 27th. “Escaping lawful custody” was added to her list of chargers and she was denied bail as a result of her actions.


Interesting. Instead of expressing regret over her bad decisions and illegal actions…all this young girl could focus on was how she looked doing it.


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