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Near the end of Kyle’s medical internship at the city hospital, an elderly man walked in for treatment. It would prove to be a very difficult appointment for the future doctor as the old patient had a thick accent and no health insurance.


But those problems weren’t the biggest.


Though he could make out little else during the appointment, Kyle believed the elderly gentleman was a veteran of World War II. Knowing that former soldiers had medical benefits at the VA hospital, Kyle sent the elderly man there for treatment. The young doctor also sent along a helpful note that read, “We’re not sure, but we think this man is a veteran of World War II.”


The following day, the same old man came walking back into Kyle’s office with a note from the staff at the VA hospital. It simply said, “Right war, wrong side.”


There is no benefit or credit when fighting for the losing side. Make sure every effort is invested into God’s Church on Earth. It’s guaranteed to be victorious because even the gates of Hell cannot overcome it!



Topics Illustrated Include:
World War II


(Resource cataloged by David R Smith)